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Welcome to the dynamic realm of Node.js, a versatile JavaScript runtime built for scalable and efficient server-side applications. This course will be your gateway to mastering Node.js, covering everything from setting up your development environment to delving into core concepts like asynchronous programming, event-driven architecture, and the Node Package Manager (NPM). You’ll explore how to build robust and high-performance web applications using frameworks like Express.js, and gain insights into real-time communication with technologies like Whether you’re a novice or an experienced developer, this course will equip you with the skills needed to leverage Node.js effectively, empowering you to create modern and responsive server-side applications. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey that will elevate your proficiency in Node.js development!

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Why enroll for Node JS Course?


Versatile Development Capability

Node.js is a popular runtime environment that allows developers to use JavaScript for both front-end and back-end development. By completing a certification course, you gain expertise in building scalable and efficient applications on the server side, expanding your capabilities as a full-stack developer.


High Demand in the Job Market

Node.js is widely adopted by companies for its ability to handle concurrent connections efficiently. A certification in Node.js enhances your employability, as many organizations actively seek developers with proficiency in this technology. Having a recognized certification can open doors to exciting job opportunities and career advancement.


Efficient and Non-Blocking Development

Node.js utilizes a non-blocking, event-driven architecture, enabling the creation of fast and scalable network applications. A certification course equips you with the skills to leverage these features effectively, ensuring you can build high-performance applications that meet modern development standards. This efficiency is a valuable asset in today’s competitive tech landscape.

Why Node JS Course from Karon IT Training?

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Curriculum Designed by Experts

Node JS Course Syllabus

What is Node?

What are Client and Server Sides?

Where do we use Node? (Client or Server Sides)

How Nodejs use JavaScript?

Download Nodejs

Install NPM and Node

List of Recommended Code Editor

Script with Command Line

Make Folder and File

Write First Code and Run

JavaScript Fundamentals of Nodejs

Conditions, Loops, and Array

The import Function and variables from another file

What are the Code modules?

What are global modules?

Global model example

Non-Global Module with Example

Make Basic Server

Function in Parameter in Node

Arrow Function

Get Output on Browser

What is package file?

How to make it?

Check the file in details.

Install External package

What is the Nodemon Package?

How to install it?

How to use it?

Make a server.

Create API and header body.

Create an API with static data.

Put data in another file.

Set input from command line

Create file with input

Delete the file with input

Makes file in a folder

Use Path Modules

Get file name and print

Make file

Read file

Update file

Rename file

Delete file

Asynchronous Data

Call Stack

Node API

CallBack Queue


What is ExpressJs

Install ExpressJs

Make Example with ExpressJs

How HTML Tags

Show Json data

Link Page

Make folder for html file and access it.

Make html file

What is the templet engine?

Install ejs templet package.

Setup dynamic routing

Make dynamic page

Make Header file

Show common header file

What is Middleware?

How to a make Middleware

Apply Middleware on routes

Type of Middleware

Route Level Middleware

Apply Middleware on single Route

Make Middleware in different file

Apply Middleware in the group of route

Download DB

Install MongoDB

What is MongoDB

MongoDB vs SQL

MongoDB basic Command Line

How to insert data Collection

How to check inserted data

How to Update data

How to Delete Data

Install MongoDB package

Connect MongoDB with Nodejs

Show data from MongoDB

Read data from MongoDB

Make file for DB Connection

Handle Promise

Make a new file for insert data

Import MongoDB connection

Insert single and Multiple records

Make a new file for update data

Import MongoDB connection

update single and Multiple records

Make a new file for delete data

Import MongoDB connection

Delete single and Multiple records

Make new file for API

Import and use Mongo Config

Make API for get data

Test with postman

What is Mongoose

Difference between Mongoose vs MongoDB package

Install Mongoose

What are schemas and model?

Connect Nodejs and MongoDB with Mongoose

Update Record

Delete Record

Find and Read Result

Make config file for MongoDB

Make Post Route

Get data from the postman and save in DB

Example of Get Method API

Example of Delete Method API

Example of Put Method API

Make simple Get Route for API

Search with Single field

Search with Multiple fields

Test API

Install Multer npm package

Make router from upload file

What is OS module

Important function of OS module

What are Events and Event Emitter

Make an event and call it

What is REPL

Example of REPL

Install MySQL npm package

Connect Nodejs and MySQL

Get data from MySQL

Make config file

Make route for API

Get data from MySQL

Make route for API

Insert data from MySQL

Make route for API

Get data from postman

Make route for API

Get data from postman

Delete data from MySQL

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