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Welcome to the realm of C and C++ programming! In this comprehensive course, you’ll dive into the foundational principles of these powerful programming languages. Starting with the basics of syntax, data types, and control structures, you’ll progress to understanding more advanced concepts like pointers, memory management, and object-oriented programming in C++. The course will guide you through practical applications, including developing algorithms, working with data structures, and creating modular and efficient code. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced programmer, this course will equip you with the skills needed to write robust, high-performance code using C and C++. Get ready to delve into the world of low-level programming, gain a deep understanding of computer architecture, and become a proficient C and C++ developer!

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Why enroll for C and C++ Certification Course?


Fundamental Programming Skills

C and C++ are foundational programming languages used in the development of system software, embedded systems, and various applications. A certification course provides a comprehensive understanding of these languages, imparting crucial programming concepts such as variables, data types, control structures, and functions. This solid foundation is invaluable for anyone aspiring to become a proficient software developer.


Versatility and Performance

C and C++ are known for their efficiency and performance, making them essential for tasks that require close control over hardware and resources. By enrolling in a certification course, you gain the skills to write high-performance code and understand memory management, pointers, and low-level operations. This knowledge is particularly beneficial when working on projects that demand optimization and resource efficiency.


Industry Recognition and Job Opportunities

Many industries value developers with expertise in C and C++, especially in areas such as systems programming, game development, and embedded systems. Completing a certification course not only validates your proficiency but also enhances your resume, making you a competitive candidate in job markets where C and C++ skills are in demand. Certification serves as a tangible proof of your abilities, increasing your chances of securing relevant positions.

Why C and C++ Certification Course from Karon IT Training?

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  • Certificate of Completion

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Curriculum Designed by Experts

C and C++ Course Syllabus

Introduction of programming language

Why c?

What is Compiler and Binary language?

CodeBlock IDE installation

Compiler Installation

Create First Program in C

Run Program

Understand C Program Structure

Print data using Printf statement

Single line and multi line comments

Data type and variables

User Input



Arithmetic Operator

Basic Calculations

If condition

Relational operators

If..Else if

Relational Operators

Switch Case

Introduction of Loop

While Loop

Do...While Loop

For Loop

Nested Loop

Pattern Programs

Break and continue keyword

Introduction of array

Loop through array using index

What is strings?

String input and output

Gets and Puts

String Functions

Number functions

What is Pointer?

Goto Statement

Type Casting

Type casting types

What is Functions?

Advantage of functions

Function as a parameter

Functions with return value

Introduction of File handling

Open and close file

Insert data to file

Read data from file



What is Oops?

Advantages of Oops

What is C++?

Basic C++ program structure

User input and output

Data types in c++

What is Class and objects

Public and Private Access Specifier

Member functions

What is Code Reuseability?

What is Encapsulation?

What is Constructor?

What is Destructor?

Use of Constructor and Destructor

What is Inheritance?

Types of inheritance

Advantage of inheritance

Private, Public and Protected

Overloading - Compile Time

Overriding - Run Time

Virtual Functions

Abstract Class

Final (Const)

Static, this keyword


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